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Blinky Bin Bush and the Taliban Must Go

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With his customary verve and sparkling wit, Malachy McCourt has marshaled all his forces to eliminate “that hemorrhoid in the White House, George “Wanker” Bush.”

Bush Lies in State is a collection of 24 essays and performance pieces finely tooled to cleanse and disinfect the  government by exposing the lies, violence, and hypocrisy of “Blinky bin Bush and his Texiban.”  Malachy’s distinctive voice rings throughout, and all chapters are fully adaptable to media and public appearances. 

As an often-published expert on the subjects of alcoholism and recovery,  Malachy has no trouble identifying our soon-to-be-ex-President as a “dry drunk,” someone who no longer takes alcohol, but retains all the worst behaviors of the full-blown alky. Worse yet, the disease seems to be  contagious, with our whole country now behaving like a dry drunk!  The only cure is regime change in 2004.

Malachy McCourt is the author of many books, including A Monk Swimming, which enjoyed 16 weeks on the New York times Best Seller List, has been translated into eight languages, and sold more than 600,000 copies worldwide. Bush Lies in State is his mission to take back America.

Blinky Bin Bush and the Taliban Must Go
IN THE YEAR OF THEIR LORD, 2,000 A.D., a band of propheteers, patrioteers, and profiteers (aka "The Texiban") seized the Presidency. Led by the dry-drunk Blinky bin Bush and the Mullah Cheney Dick, they informed the nation that God had ordained this takeover so that Americans could be saved by showering in the Blood of the Lamb, thereby saving water. They knew our country had been overrun by environmentalists, commies, welfare cheats and queers wanting to get married, all of whom (unlike normal capitalists) want to express their constitutional rights without giving a penny to the Republican Party. 'Twas time to clean up this country!

That goddam Saddam was sitting on our oil, those poverty-stricken minorities were clamoring for equal rights, and stubborn old people were trying to cheat drug companies out of profits and were living longer than they should. Other folks were trying to stop the oil companies from pumping so much because their dirty children were getting asthma from the polluted air. Idiotic parents thought their children should be educated like rich kids.

God, who is Blinky's God Father (He never slept with Barbara), said W. was his choice, no matter the vote, and that is that. Whether we like it or not, this is a Christian country, so we are blessed to have Christian atheists, Christian agnostics, Christian Jews, Christian Buddhists, Christian Communists, and Christian Capitalists, and if this doesn't suit you, St. John ("Pal of Jesus") Faschcroft will arrange your passage to Hell, where you'll find a plentitude of conservatives and real global warming.